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      SAP Global Sponsorships

      SAP Global Sponsorships

      SAP is at the forefront of transforming the sport and entertainment industries by helping athletes, performers, teams, leagues, and organizations run at their best. Through our best-in-class solutions and innovations, SAP helps our partners achieve greater success by improving performance, simplifying operations, and enhancing the fan experience

      Our focus areas

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      SAP simplifies business operations for our sports partners, enabling leagues, teams, and organizations to become more efficient, profitable, and successful.


      SAP enhances the viewer’s experience at games, events, in arenas, and across mobile devices, providing insights and engagement opportunities that bring them closer to the action and their passions.

      SAP Ambassadors

      SAP is helping build the next generation of “connected athletes” by supplying real-time data insights and analytics to elevate their preparation and performance when it counts.?

      Podcast series

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      Game-Changing Technology In Sports

      Everyone is a fan of something! The game-changing technology in sports podcast series brings you news about how tech is enhancing the fan experience, optimizing player performance, and simplifying sports business operations.

      Explore the hottest topics in SAP Global Sponsorships

      SAP News

      External News

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      Game, Tech and Match: The Tech Behind this Year's Wimbledon Championship

      How VR serves and data-enabled coaching are boosting the Wimbledon court this year
      Evening Standard

      How Analytics Gives Team Liquid a Winning Advantage

      In the world’s first truly digital sport, esports, analytics is emerging as a key competitive advantage

      NHL Develops iPad App to Give Coaches Live Stats

      NHL, Apple and SAP collaboration allows coaches to review stats in real time during a game

      NHL to Incorporate Smart Puck to Track Real-Time Data

      The NHL is planning to introduce a smart puck that will allow the league to track movement on the ice at a rate of around 200 times a second...
      Yahoo! Sports

      How Manchester City Uses SAP’s Platform To Prepare For Game Day

      Clubs uses SAP Challenger Insights to feed players data about opposing lineups ahead of matches...

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