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      SAP North America Management Team

      SAP North America oversees the company’s business operations in the U.S. and Canada

      Senior Management Team

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      Lloyd Adams

      Managing Director, East – U.S.

      Andy Canham

      Managing Director, Canada

      Nate Cobb

      Head of Platform & Technologies?Sales

      Michelle Cooper

      Todd Crandall

      Head of Digital Business Services

      Jamie Garverick

      Head of?Customer Experience Sales

      Greta Krupetsky

      Head of Strategic Customer Program

      Matt Laukaitis

      Managing Director, Retail

      John McGee

      Managing Director, West - U.S.?

      Kevin McManus

      Head of Services Sales

      Stephanie Nashawaty

      Head of?Strategic Business Development

      Tom Padgett

      Head of Supplier Relationship Management Line of Business

      Mark Palomba

      Head of Financial Services Industries

      Joe Paytas

      Head of SAP S/4HANA and Center of Excellence

      Greg Petraetis

      Head?of Mid-Market and Partner Ecosystem

      Brian Roach

      Head of Regulated Industries?

      Steve Shander

      Chief Customer Officer

      Vanessa C. Smith

      Head of Human Capital Management
      Line of Business

      Colleen Speer

      Head of SAP Cloud Platform

      Rocky Subramanian

      Managing Director, Midwest - U.S.

      John Tully

      Managing Director, South?- U.S.
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