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      Contact Us
      Contact Us
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      Credit Profile

      Our financing strategy is based upon three pillars: Protecting liquidity, ensuring financial stability and flexibility.?

      SAP’s primary source of cash is our strong operating cash flow. Over the past several years, the principal use of cash focused on:

      • Capital expenditure to support our growth
      • Quick repayment of financial debt
      • Acquisitions and venture activities
      • Payment of attractive dividends
      • Share buy-backs to return excess cash to shareholders

      Prime principle of our financial risk management is to safeguard liquidity at a level to be able to meet all our financial obligations – including your investment – at all times.

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      Minimum Operating
      Group Liquidity

      Ensured by stable cash flows driven by recurring revenue streams

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      Credit Facility

      Serves as a back-up credit facility with a relationship-defining character? for our 20 participating banks

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      M&A Driven External
      Debt Financing

      Optimal positioning of SAP in the current industry transformation, especially towards cloud business

      Financial Management

      The primary objective of our financial risk management is to maintain liquidity in the Group at a level that is adequate to meet our obligations. Most SAP companies have their liquidity managed by the Group, so that liquid assets across the Group can be consolidated, monitored, and invested in accordance with Group policy. High levels of liquid assets help keep SAP flexible, sound, and independent. In addition, various credit facilities are currently available for additional liquidity, if required.

      We manage credit, liquidity, interest rate, equity price, and foreign exchange rate risks on a Group-wide basis. We use selected derivatives exclusively for this purpose and not for speculation.

      Our balance sheet structure is conservative – with a high equity ratio, modest financial leverage, well-balanced maturity profile, and sufficient debt capacity.


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