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      Collaborative Enterprise Planning

      What is collaborative enterprise planning?

      Collaborative enterprise planning is the process of linking and aligning all plans across your organization. It breaks down silos and brings your teams together – finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT, and supply chain – to collaborate on plans and drive better business outcomes.
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      Consolidate budgets and plans from across the organization and drive collaborative enterprise planning to ensure alignment between operational plans and financial goals.


      Create more effective marketing plans and align them to business objectives. Predict the impact of campaigns on sales revenue, optimize performance, and tightly track results.


      Develop new sales plans and strategies – and track results on every channel. Set targets and use advanced data visualization tools to view and measure results in real time.

      Human Resources

      Align workforce planning with business goals. Ensure you have the right talent at the right time, forecast risks and skill gaps – and continually optimize headcount plans.?

      Supply Chain

      Profitability fulfill demand with real-time supply chain planning. Combine capabilities for sales and operations planning (S&OP), supply and demand planning, and inventory.?


      Create detailed plans and budgets for IT projects and business process improvements. Align technology, hardware, and software investments with strategic priorities.?

      Solve your specific planning needs

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      Unite departments and break down silos

      Find out how collaborative enterprise planning can help your entire business move as one with aligned plans and goals, so you can make intelligent decisions.

      Achieve strategic objectives with enterprise planning

      Overcome your unsuccessful planning habits to create new tactics that fulfill your strategy quickly, flexibly, and accurately through collaboration and transparency.

      Improve planning accuracy and insights

      See how integrated company plans can yield a 45% increase in the accuracy of planning processes. Find out why 90% of finance professionals agree that linked plans are important.

      Why collaborative enterprise planning?

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      Align strategic, financial, and operational plans

      Bring all types of plans together in real time. Align them – and present a unified view to facilitate better decision-making.?

      Crowdsource plans with enterprise-wide engagement

      Make it easy for everyone to participate in planning processes – and improve budget accuracy and accountability.

      Work with one version of the truth

      Instill confidence in your finance team and budgets by using a single source of truth for all plans, across all lines of business

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