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      Access all analytics with one user experience

      Make end-to-end business decisions by accessing all analytics capabilities in one place with a single user experience.

      • Discover, analyze, plan, and predict in one experience across all devices?
      • Make end-to-end decisions with data management and analytics together in one place
      • Scale to meet the needs of your business and diverse users across all decision types (strategic, operational, and tactical)

      Make confident decisions faster with AI-driven insights

      Empower your users to make confident business decisions faster with advanced AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

      • Ask questions in a conversational manner with instant results explained in natural language
      • Detect drivers of a KPI and take the next best action using automated machine learning that discovers unknown relationships in data
      • Predict potential outcomes and forecasts easily

      Make critical business decisions quickly and confidently

      Empower your users with machine intelligence that provides answers to questions in a conversational, instantaneous manner.

      • Increase adoption and usability by providing users with instant?results
      • Eliminate bias and take the next best action
      • Predict potential outcomes and forecasts to enrich BI and planning

      Expand analytics insights with hybrid solutions

      Combine high-speed, cloud-based innovation with trusted, on-premise capabilities, without sacrificing existing investments.

      • Strategize and act quickly for better business agility
      • Expand and extend your digital investments
      • Give all users access to analytics for intuitive access to information

      What are analysts saying about SAP Analytics Cloud?

      Optimize BI efforts with embedded analytics

      Explore insights from Forrester Consulting that explain why embedding analytics within business applications provides more contextual and actionable insights.

      Learn how midsize businesses become insight-driven

      Explore how midsized companies are extracting valuable insights from their Big Data – from adopting pull-style analytics tools to eliminating data silos.

      See why Garter ranked SAP a visionary

      Assess how SAP Analytics Cloud brings together enterprise planning, BI, and augmented analytics in one solution, helping finance teams support the business.

      See how customers are succeeding with SAP Analytics Cloud

      Training and Certification

      Achieve your strategic goals with the right knowledge and experience.

      Train where it best suits you

      Attend training courses at select SAP offices, your own location, or online to meet your learning needs and preferences.

      Empower your team with the right skills

      Equip your team with role-based training and knowledge to adopt and optimize SAP solutions quickly and effectively.

      Access the latest resources

      Take advantage of a library of comprehensive, updated resources when you need them with a subscription to SAP Learning Hub.

      Partner Ecosystem

      Benefit from specialist expertise to guide your deployment of SAP Analytics Cloud, offered from SAP partners that provide the service and support you need to meet your business goals.

      Explore more than 430 extensions for SAP Analytics solutions from over 100 partners, so you can discover, try, buy, manage, and deploy applications that provide additional value for existing SAP solutions.?

      Access exclusive sales and marketing tools, events, solution information, support, demos, education, and benefits.

      See additional products

      Explore more analytics products to meet your needs.

      SAP Digital Boardroom

      Transform your traditional management reports into performance playbooks with performance reporting.

      SAP Analytics Hub

      Provide a single point of access to all analytics content and tools, no matter where they reside.

      SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

      Support your business growth with a single, centralized platform for reporting and visualization.

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