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      Supply Chain Planning

      Increase business agility to respond effectively to market needs with integrated supply chain planning software from SAP.

      See how Cargill helps farmers, consumers, and communities feed the world
      SAP leads in sales and operations planning systems

      SAP Integrated Business Planning

      Respond quickly to market changes with real-time supply chain planning capabilities.


      Forecasting and demand management

      Use demand sensing and statistical forecasting to get full demand transparency with short-, mid-, and long-term forecasting.

      Inventory optimization

      Set optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximize profits, while leaving a buffer to help you meet unexpected demand.

      Sales and operations planning

      Deliver a cross-departmental sales and operations plan that balances inventory, service levels, and profitability.

      Response and supply planning

      Optimize resourcing efficiency by creating supply plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and supply chain constraints.

      Demand-driven replenishment

      Tame supply-chain variability and improve material flow using techniques for demand-driven material requirements planning.

      SAP Integrated Business Planning helps us improve inventory placement to maximize sales revenue opportunities, while minimizing working capital at Syngenta. And with a reduction in time spent forecasting each month, we can focus more on servicing the farmers and channel partners who depend on us.

      Austin Parrish, Head of Business Planning, Syngenta AG Read the customer testimonial

      SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration for Buyers

      Work together in real time with partners across your supply chain, including suppliers and contract manufacturers.


      Real-time collaboration

      Collaborate with partners in real time on processes such as ordering, forecasting, and quality and inventory management.

      Dashboards for status monitoring

      Get order status updates from suppliers and identify supply-demand mismatch and quality issues quickly.?

      Rapid onboarding functionality

      Provide on-demand tools or use supplier integration options to enable efficient supplier onboarding and rapid user adoption.

      Robust compliance features

      Improve compliance with standards-based and secured communications, as well as customized configuration of business rules.

      Enabling multitiered inventory and planning strategies drastically reduced inventories at our contract manufacturers. The total right now is close to $200 million of inventory drained.

      Ryan Murphy, Director of Supply Chain Business Technologies, Microsoft Corporation Watch the video

      SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite

      Digitalize source-to-contract processes for spend categories, including services, indirect materials, and direct materials.


      Comprehensive process management

      Minimize contract leakage with support for end-to-end processes, from product specification to contract management.

      Product lifecycle sourcing

      Integrate with product lifecycle management solutions from SAP for efficient data sharing and demand-driven sourcing.

      Supplier selection functionality

      Support supplier selection and negotiation activities with advanced scoring, award optimization, and analysis features.

      Product costing for multilevel BOMs

      Simplify costing for multilevel bills of material (BOMs) with what-if analysis for more accurate predictions of final costs.?

      Supplier management for direct materials

      Avoid supply chain disruption by selecting optimal suppliers with qualification, segmentation, and monitoring functionality.

      See how customers are succeeding with SAP

      Resource Center

      The physical asset and the digital twin

      Benefit from a full digital representation of connected assets along their lifecycle.

      Digital twin technologies

      Find out how digital twins synchronize the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assets and products in real time to help you accelerate innovation, optimize operating performance conditions, and predict service requirements.

      Get the latest news and trends from experts

      David Vallejo
      Vice President, Global Head of Digital Business Planning
      Digital business planning in real time

      Find out how you can integrate planning into other design-to-operate phases to facilitate the transition to a demand-driven model.

      Richard Howells
      Vice President for Supply Chain Solutions,
      Optimizing the supply chain to create customer value

      See how Cascades Containerboard Packaging is working to optimize its supply chain to make the transition to a customer-centric organization.

      Adam Peanna
      Senior Extended Supply Chain Solution Specialist,
      How to attain effective business planning by 2020

      Learn why effective integrated business planning is a challenge for many organizations, and how business leaders can prioritize planning to remain competitive.

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      Call Me Now Call Offline
      SAP can call you to discuss any questions you have.
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      Get live help and chat with an SAP representative.
      Contact Us
      E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback.
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