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      Solve your specific data management needs

      Choose your SAP software for data management

      SAP HANA

      Harness the power of your data and accelerate?innovation by developing intelligent solutions on a single data copy to support?real-time decision-making.?

      • Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments
      • Secure, future-ready in-memory data platform
      • Live intelligence with fast data processing
      • Combined transactional and analytical processing

      SAP Data Intelligence

      Scale artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise-wide while connecting the data you need, regardless of its location or type, to enable next-generation information management. SAP Data Intelligence helps you turn distributed data into data intelligence with a single, integrated service.

      • Cloud deployment
      • Management of enterprise AI models
      • Distributed data access?
      • Modular container architecture

      SAP Data Hub

      Enable the agile management of data operations in a diverse landscape across your organization. Deploy an enterprise-ready solution that provides governance and orchestration for data refinement and enrichment by pipelining complex data processing operations such as machine learning.

      • Data refined and enriched in one place
      • Processing of data at the source
      • No need for mass data movement
      • All components executed on Kubernetes

      What are analysts and experts saying about data management?

      Get the latest news and trends from experts


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      Create powerful, enterprise-wide data pipelines

      Hear from industry experts about key data trends, including “translytics,” spatial analysis, and machine learning, and learn how you can get more value out of your data.

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