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      Training and Certification

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      Global training and enablement virtual event

      Empower your people to learn and use SAP S/4HANA. Listen to insightful and informative presentations from SAP training experts, customers and partners. Discover how to:

      • Shorten deployment time
      • Improve key performance measures
      • Increase employee adoption and engagement

      October 17 @?8:00 a.m. PDT | 10:00 a.m. CEST | 11:00 a.m. SGT

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      Training and Enablement for the Intelligent Enterprise

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      Great training is as important as great technology. SAP software is designed to deliver transformative business outcomes. To truly realize this potential, explore your options to get fully equipped with the right knowledge and skills with training and enablement offerings from SAP.

      Explore our offerings

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      Discover the continuous learning framework

      Get guidance on new implementations, as well as training new?users and expanding skill sets for existing applications, with our five-step framework.

      Register for a training course

      Browse our Web shop to discover the latest course availability, find training locations nearest you, search course codes, or focus on a specific training path.

      Explore SAP Learning Hub

      Gain instant, cloud-based access to a wide variety of SAP learning content and online learning rooms, with a range of options to fit your business needs.?

      Get SAP-certified

      Validate your expertise using SAP solutions and ensure you meet the requirements for new roles and responsibilities by completing SAP certifications.?

      Take advantage of free SAP training

      Enjoy a flexible, fun, and engaging learning experience through gamification and train when, where, and how you want – free of charge – with openSAP.?

      How much training is enough?

      Education Consulting Services

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      Reach software training goals faster with help from experts who assess your educational needs, create a strategic training plan, and provide direct assistance.

      Additional Resources

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      Learning Journey

      Optimize?your studying with a Learning Journey interactive guide that shows a recommended path to become fully competent with an SAP innovation.?

      Find local SAP Education partners

      Search over 200 registered SAP Education partners who can help you understand your unique training requirements and develop a customized training plan.

      SAP University Alliances

      Join a global network of educational institutions and use learning resources about SAP solutions to help students gain the skills needed for the digital future.

      SAP Next-Gen

      Access a purpose-driven community enabling companies, partners, and universities to connect and innovate with objectives linked to United Nations Global Goals.?

      Connect with us

      SAP Education on Facebook

      SAP Education on Twitter

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